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What foreign certification does the company have received?

Part of the company's products have passed CE certification of the EU, DNV certification of Norway, AENOR certification of Spain, KEMA certification of the Netherlands, UK certification, VDE certification and TUV certification of Germany, SEMKO certification of Sweden, FEMKO certification of Finland, EK certification of South Korea, ESC certification of Czech, SNI certification of Indonesia, Ukraine certification, GOST certification of Russia, RCC certification of South Africa, SLSI certification of Sri Lanka, SAA certification of Australia, UL certification of the USA, and CSA certification of Canada.


International Certificates:


Which products have UL certification, accreditation, or are listed?

NC1/CJX2, NC6, NC8, NC2, NCK3, NCK5, NR2, NRE8, NS2-25, ND16, NP2/NP4, JQX-10F, JQX-13F, NJX-13FW, JZX-22F, JSZ3, NJS1, KG10D/KG10M, XJ3, NJB1,NB1-63,CB-125,YBLX-P1.


Which products have KEMA certification?

NC1, NC7, NC8, NM1, NM7, NM8, NA1, NA8G, NR2, NP2, NBH8-40, NB1L, Ex9CBL-N/Ex9CBL-H, NZ7, NH40, MES(BH-0.66), 138kV 45MVA transformer, 230kV 45MVA transformer, 230kV 250MVA transformer, 145kV GIS, 24kV Switchgear Panel, NV Series Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker.


Which products have CESI certification?

230kV 45MVA transformer, 150kV 80MVA transformer, 132kV 40MVA transformer.


Which products have DNV marine certification?



What international standards do products of the company comply with?



Miniature circuit breaker

IEC/EN 60898-1, IEC/EN 60947-2

Moulded case circuit breaker

IEC/EN 60947-2

Air circuit breaker

IEC/EN 60947-2


IEC/EN 61009-1


IEC/EN 61008-1

Accessories, parts

IEC/EN 60947-5-1


IEC/EN 60947-4-1


IEC/EN 60831-1

Control transformer

IEC/EN 61558


IEC 60044-1

Switch disconnector

IEC/EN 60947-3

Switch disconnector

IEC/EN 60947-3

Automatic change-over switch

IEC 60947-6-1


IEC 60269


IEC 60076,  IEEE, ANSI, AS


IEC 62271-203


IEC 62271-102

SF6 Circuit Breaker

IEC 62271-100

MV Switchgear

IEC 62271-200, IEC 60420

LV Switchgear

IEC 60439-1, IEC 61204-2001, IEC 60255


IEC 62271-100

Surge Arrester

IEC 60099-4


IEC 61109


IEC 60044-1, IEC 60044-2, IEC 60044-3, IEC 60044-5


IEC 60871-1


IEC 60076-6


What is the difference between UL certification, UL accreditation and UL listing?

UL certification adopts American standards, and the product performance only covers North America and Japan, etc, and it is not applicable to Europe and other regions.

UL accreditation adopts all kinds of corporate standards, IEC international standards or European standards; the performance of their products has a larger coverage including China.

UL listing only applies to complete products and all kinds of parts or devices replaced or installed on site by qualified personnel. Products that apply to UL listing service include household appliances, medical equipment, computers, commercial equipment, as well as the various types of electrical products in construction, such as such as power distribution systems, fuses, wires, switches and other electrical components. A UL Listed product generally has UL Listing mark on it.